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Body Treatment:
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Gommage Marin




Jambes Toniques





Soin Velours





Hydralessense Body





Phyto-Marine (Seaweed)





Phyto Mincure / Fermete-Water Reten.













GOMMAGE MARIN – Exfoliation Treatment
An invigorating exfoliation composed of Guerande marine salt and essential oils which removes dead skin cells, liberating the skin. Approx. 30-45 min

JAMBES TONIQUES – Anti Fatigue Leg Treatment
An anti-fatigue leg treatment which relieves tired, heavy, painful, or swelling legs using draining techniques and gentle aromatic compression. Approx. 50 min

SOIN VELOURS – Citrus Exfoliation & Moisturizing Treatment
A citrus fruits exfoliation followed by a moisturizing treatment massaged into the body revealing smooth and silky skin. Approx. 70 min

HYDRALESSENCE BODY – Exfoliation with Algae Mask & Massage
A deep hydrating, nourishing, and firming treatment consisting of an exfoliation with an algae mask and massage providing long lasting results. Approx. 90 min



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