Dear Glenda and Staff,
I wanted to just let you know the wow factor has been achieved.  Glenda, I saw you while I was getting my hair done by Shannon, I so wanted to thank you at that moment for giving me my complementary session. I can honestly say, your salon is top notch!  Everyone was so gracious.  I must admit, when I walked through the doors, I expected all eyes on me as though, “Oh she’s the one, she’s the one that wrote the complaint”.  
Shannon, was very professional and kind, to the point that my awkwardness of the whole situation subsided…we moved forward, she asked me what I wanted I discussed it with her and she DELIVERED!  I just wanted to share that with you, again, I wish I would’ve turned my car around and walked up to you and shook your hand (and given you a hug) for the wonderful, outstanding service that your staff have given me.  
You have won a repeat customer and many references for fantastic product and customer service.  I trully am grateful for giving me a second opportunity towards getting what I was hoping to achieve, a crowning glory of hair…the color is perfect. The cut is impeccable for straight and my naturally curly hair….and my grays are G O N E!! 
You’re staff trully were wonderful and treated me with respect and dignity.  Shannon takes great pride in your salon and has let me know of her passion for hair design, creations, etc; she also is a strong admirer of you…this I know because when you are in the chair, there becomes a bond between the person “working” on your hair and the client.   It may seem like idle chit chat….but it just made me love your salon just that much more.
Thank you so much for setting me up with Shannon…I am sure that Any  and ALL of your staff are fantastic…but Shannon was just the perfect person for customer service recovery…she is a gem!
So, thank you again, Glenda!! I am very happy with my color and cut!!


Well, later that night (after the massage), while sitting on the couch, I moved and heard–not felt–a loud “tonk” sound come from where I’m guessing my leg bone goes into the pelvic bone (?). Perhaps the massage loosened things up to go back into place. (?) Later that night, again while moving in the seated position, I heard another similar sound. Again, no feeling accompanied the pain.

The top portion of my outer thigh was sore the rest of the week and my hip/pelvic bone on that side continued to be sore when I sat (full-time desk job) as has been the case for a while.

I do think the massage was beneficial. I can lay on that side in bed without it hurting like it had been. 🙂 Have been very active today (including a 1.5 hr walk) and have had less soreness on that side. I also appreciated the info you shared. I’m glad I received the massage. 🙂


I felt so good after the massage. No discomfort at all. In fact, I was very relaxed and comfortable. My shoulders and neck will always be a problem for me. I am sorry that you had to work so hard, but I truly appreciated your efforts. You relieved the tightness and tension in those areas.

I look forward to my next massage with you in the very near future.

Kathy Squier

Feeling great! Thank you so much. I will call you to schedule another appointment soon


Charlenes’s massage felt wonderful. I will definitely be back and have been spreading the word of your magical hands.


My experience at the  spa has been sensational. Rachel is the ultimate professional, services exceptional and the products are special. My facials are invigorating refreshing with the spa bringing me a day of luxury ! I can’t wait to come each month and be made to feel very special.

Linda Rooney

Wonderful spa pedicure today with the fabulous Alisha. The new pedicure room is AWESOME and so is she.

Patricia Durante

Can not wait to come in tomorrow & get my hair done by the fabulous Hayley Sprich! 

Tara McMickle 

Nails by Alisha. I wish you could see how nice the coral Gellish tips look!!!!

Eileen Olohan Geraci

So I thought I should share – I recently got a “new” style cut (which has actually happened many times in the last, oh about 30 years) at the Ultima… and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Thank you Glenda Flanagan! Love you guys.

Cathy Roy 

Thank you for getting me in the day of for an amazing massage. Christina almost put me to sleep! It was SO relaxing!

Taylor Wilson 

I loved the spa experience, you were the first person I ever went to for a facial and I felt extremely comfortable there. A truly relaxing experience, more than I had ever imagined.

Karen O

My spa experiences are beyond fabulous and there is nothing I would change-no room for improvements!!

Thank you, Barbara F.

I’m always pleased with your facials.  If I won the lottery you would see me once a week!  I’ll see you again sometime this summer…


I loved the facial !! I prebooked my next appt for another facial (in July).

Fondly, Christine Noonan-Miller

My experience is always wonderful and very relaxing.  Your personality, professionalism and knowledge are exceptional.  Each visit is a new experience and is the best part of my day.  For someone who never thought I would enjoy a facial or make time to have one; I look forward to it every time.  I enjoy our conversations, laughter and the nap I try not to have. You are the Best!    

Debra R.

I always had unhealthy hair going from dark to light. When I decided I wanted my hair light for good I knew it be a process so when I saw the phenomenal ratings for Ultima I knew it was the place. Kiersten is the only hairdresser that was with me step by step to get my hair from a box dye black that I used to a platinum blonde. My hair has never grown so fast or has ever been healthier. She styled my hair fir many occasions including my wedding and people still talk about how beautiful my hair looked. I highly recommend Kiersten at Ultima Salon!


-Kayla Dollar