Career Opportunities:

The Ultima’s Vision:
Our vision for our industry is to share “quality of life”, to “build relationships” which encourage “growth” for our new associates and the lives we touch. By creating a vision for our guests and associates, we are creating a vision for ourselves.

Career Opportunities:
We at The Ultima would love to know: Are you an accomplished artist? Does your career need renewal? Do you need Advertising? Marketing? Structure? Do you need to grow your outside guest count? Whether you are a commission or independent contractor please feel welcome to apply. We offer a guarentee equal to your current status. We at Ultima do have a “growth plan” available.

The Ultima does have opportunity for growth in our Salon and Spa department. So feel welome to apply now.

All applicant’s are guarenteed privacy. You may apply via email; or phone 973-579-1199 ask for Glenda Flanagan and we’ll be happy to set up a time to meet that is conveinent for you.

Thank you for thinking of “Ultima Hair Designers Salon and Spa” for place of opportunity.